Van Tassel, LCSW - Supervisor

Specializing in grief counseling and clinical supervision

Please note that I am not currently accepting new clients and will be unable to return inquires regarding services at this time.



grief and loss


Loss is a unique experience for everyone.  I am trained to help individuals cope with multiple forms of loss.

traumatic loss
I have been trained in EMDR to help support those who have experienced a traumatic loss. 
pet loss
Dealing with the loss of a companion is among the most difficult losses we can experience.


As a proud member of the community, I have a passion for working with folx in this community due to the complex and nuanced grief issues that arise. 

anxiety and depression

I also see clients who are experiencing difficulty coping with more general anxiety and depression issues who are in need of additional support.

transitional difficulties


For individuals coping with career changes, recent re-locations, breakups, divorce, or a change in which you feel alone in.



50 minute sessions are $120.


I accept BCBS-TX and Lyra Health.

I am out of network for most other insurers. Please message me for additional details.

Rebecca Van Tassel
LCSW - Supervisor
License #: 55866


  • Weekday availability M-F.


My office is centrally located in downtown Austin at 821 W. 11th Street.


Grief is a natural reaction to loss, yet it impacts each person in unique ways. There are endless experiences that cause grief and some examples include death loss, pet loss, significant life transitions, loss of financial stability, divorce, job loss, loss of security after trauma, and at times we may even experience anticipatory grief for what may lie ahead.


Coping with loss and experiencing intense grief can sometimes feel isolating, endless, and incredibly painful. It can be complicated by endless factors including traumatic loss, compounded grief, or others simply not understanding our process or needs. Not even time alone will make grief disappear, but there are many things that we can do in order to help ourselves heal and grow during the process. While nearly everyone has experienced grief, I understand how lonely grief can be because people just don't get it.  I have dedicated years of my career to focus on this specialty and I have even worked as a Clinical Director at a grief and loss center. 


I want to help you take back your power in this world. To help you realize that you are enough to accomplish whatever goals you have in your life. To help you realize that you CAN let go of what isn’t serving you in order to make room for the things you do want.  I assess each client to better understand your needs and have multiple therapeutic techniques that will help you accomplish your goals. These skills including cognitive behavioral therapy, assertiveness training, attachment therapy, psychodynamic, motivational interviewing, affirmations, reality testing, journaling, crisis intervention, mindfulness techniques, communication skills training, and providing education relating to various emotional skills that require additional development. I am also trained in EMDR and can help with those who have experienced traumatic events.


With 10 years of experience, I feel confident that I can help you address issues beyond just grief and loss. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you are seeking counseling for anxiety, depression, or a desire for better overall functioning.  

If you are stuck in your head dreaming of what life could be, wondering if there is more happiness to feel, more of yourself to share, it might be time to take the first step.  Grief and loss are all very real experiences that make us feel stuck and alone.  I am here to tell you things can be different. 


My job as your counselor will be to help provide empathic listening and the right tools to help you recover and heal from your loss. It is my goal is to be compassionate, safe, and present in order to understand what is influencing your grief experience and help you learn ways to help navigate your new world. I believe in your power and with years of clinical experience in multiple treatment settings, I can help you take the steps towards a more fulfilling life.  The hard work will start and end with you, but my job will be to help you find traction and offer supportive, warm feedback.  Having just one person who has no bias to talk to can provide clarity and understanding in the most difficult times.


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